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Running Re-education Course

A Running Re-education Course is now available at Cheshire Running Injury Clinic. The course is designed to help you run more efficiently, stronger, faster and reduce the risk of injury. The course will consist of 3 hours in total which will include a 1 hour Musculoskeletal skeletal Screening (Runners MOT) a gait analysis and 4 x 30 minute follow sessions to work specifically on re-educating your muscle pattern to improve the efficiency of your movement. We will also measure your leg strength and power to see if any discrepancies exist when comparing left and right. The cost will be £100 for the 3 hour course which will also include course manual and exercise bands. If you like to book an Running Re-education course or require any more information then please do not hesitate to call our Admin Team on 07512870983
£100.00 3 Hours

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