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Runners MOT

What if you could.....

☑️Improve your running performance?
☑️Understand & Improve your running stride?
☑️Learn how to prevent injuries & recover faster?

The Runners MOT running screening assessment includes a full body video gait analysis along with a series of specific tests to highlight any muscle imbalances.

A kinesiological evaluation which evaluates the structural components of the performing runner is conducted.

The evaluation will look for
1) Flexibility imbalances
2) Strength imbalances
3) Alignment - structural imbalances
4) Biomechanical imbalances

Specific exercises are then prescribed to address any imbalances found during the evaluation. We proactively help runners recover and prevent injuries! The Runners MOT costs £50 which also includes rehabilitation and injury prevention exercises.

£50.00 90 minutes

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